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Child Hope International:


My Blogs:   For my past posts visit:                               or find me on facebook Tami Goslow



Arts and Crafts Fundraiser: All items were made in Haiti by children. To veiw pictures, size and prices, click on the link below. 100% goes towards my stay and continued ministry in Haiti.



Barbie Cloths and Accessories!  If you would like to donate money, or purchase, or donate these items please send me an email. (watch for garage sales!) I am returning to the girls orhpanage July 2011, but teams are alway coming, so please keep collecting these items throughout the year. Thanks to those who have already done so! My girls in Haiti will love them.


PHOTO Galleries

Child Hope #1 (March 2011)                                                         

Child Hope #2 (March 2011)                                      

Fall Visit  -Dr Ed (Oct.2010)                                                     

Haiti Friends (2009-2010)                                                                        

Haiti Others (1997-2011)                                          

Haiti Ministries (2004-2010)                                     


MY VIDEO files

Testify to Love

Child Hope

CTV News report

My Testimony

Earthquake Interview



Video page:                                                Containes: Beauty from Ashes part 1,2, and 3,  Earthquake relief,   A Child's Hope, Haiti Pray and Fast Song,  Isguerda's Story